Corporate Email Gateway

We market a powerful, flexible, corporate email solution based on a combination of Open Source and commercial products. It's capabilities include

  • filtering spam (unsolicited bulk email)
  • blocking viri (using Sophos Anti-Virus)
  • ensuring disclaimers are present
  • blocking undesirable content types (e.g., executables, video content, etc)
  • other steps to ensure your corporate email policy is implemented

We have chosen the following operating systems and hardware platforms to support this combination.

  • Debian GNU/Linux on a Sun LX-50 1RU rack-mount server: One of the best Open Source operating systems on powerful Intel-based hardware backed by Sun's hardware support. This avoids vendor lock-in and provides a rich development system. Debian was chosen for its ease of support given our experience being called in to rescue poorly maintained email systems. We believe that the Debian software on Sun Intel equipment is a perfect solution of durability, power and ease of maintenance in a rack-mounted server.
  • Solaris 9 on Sun SPARC Servers: This combination of tools is tested and proven on enterprise-level Sun equipment. Although the LX-50 option will support most, if not all, email requirements in Australia and New Zealand, very complex configurations with additional fault tolerance are available using SPARC based Sun equipment.

Benchmarking results showed a throughput in excess of 125,000 virus-checked emails an hour. To obtain more details on these benchmarks, please complete the form below.

Sun LX-50 1RU rack-mount server

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